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    4-5th june 2018 | Military barracks Kulturpark Kukučínova 2, Košice, Slovakia



Gery Weiner (USA)
1. Intubation in the Delivery Room or NICU. How We Can Improve Our Skills and Success?
2. When should we start and when should we stop (edge of viability and persistent asystole/bradycardia)?
3. Meconium: When Should We intubate?

Steven Donn (USA)
1. Sodium Bicarbonate: Baseless Therapy.
2. The Ten Commandments of Initiating Mechanical Ventilation.
3. BPD: Myths of Pharmacologic Management.

David Adamkin (USA)
1. Enteral Nutrition in the NICU.
2. Use of TPN to promote Postnatal Growth.
3. Use of Donor Milk in the NICU.

Bart Van Overmeire (Belgium)
1. Hypotension in neonates: management of the hypotension in neonates.
2. Impression of NIDCAP experience or coupled care.
3. Analgesia management in neonates.

Liisa Lehtonen (Finland)
1. Why should we integrate parents in the neonatal intensive care?
2. How could we integrate parents in the neonatal intensive care?

Jae Kim (USA)
1. Mothers' Milk Matters in the NICU.
2. IUGR Grow Baby Grow.
3. Building a Healthy Gut Microbiome.
4. Focus POCUS: Point of Care Ultrasound in the NICU.

Peter Krcho (Slovakia)
1. Failure on CPAP. Could we prevent it?
2. Standard and alternative fortification of the mother milk.


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